Feature Menu: Contains Pork

Contains Pork

Your Choice if ice cream
IDR 35K / scoop
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry [ Contains Pork, frontpage, Spicy, Vegetable Dishes ]
Pizza Salami
IDR 75
tomato, capsicums, onions, capers [ Contains Pork ]
Bacon and Egg Burger
IDR 75
lettuce, slice tomatoes, cheddar cheese served with French fries [ Contains Pork ]
Club Sandwich
IDR 70
white or brown toasted, chicken, bacon, avocado served with French fries [ Contains Pork ]
Satay Campur, pork and chicken
IDR 85
Choice of Balinese Style Grill served with rice, sambal dabu-dabu and vegetables [ Contains Pork ]
Pork Ribs
IDR 98
baked potato, mixed vegetables [ Contains Pork ]
Pork Chop
IDR 90
grilled tomatoes, sauteed potatoes, BBQ sauce [ Contains Pork ]