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Your Choice if ice cream
IDR 35K / scoop
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry [ Contains Pork, frontpage, Spicy, Vegetable Dishes ]
Fruit Salad Marinated
in lime, ginger, vanilla syrup with ice cream [ frontpage ]
Bubur Injin
black rice pudding, coconut milk, ice cream [ frontpage ]
Banana Split
IDR 40
assorted ice cream [ frontpage ]
Fallen Chocolate
IDR 40
warm chocolate, vanila ice cream (Please allow 14 minutes) [ frontpage ]
Apple Pie
IDR 40
with vanilla ice cream and tangerine orange syrup [ frontpage ]
Pizza Marinara
IDR 75
with seafood
Pizza Puttanesca
IDR 75
prawns and black olives
Pizza Pepperoni
IDR 75
capsicum, onion
Pizza Salami
IDR 75
tomato, capsicums, onions, capers [ Contains Pork ]